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100% of ALL my profit from the sale of SPARK in 2009 will go to raising money to heifer.org:
My name is Michelle and I came up with SPARK an Interest in Making a Difference as a way to be more charitable. I came across Heifer International completely by accident – I saw a link for green ideas and it led me to Heifer. I fell in love with the concept of helping people by providing a means for them to help themselves in exchange for them agreeing to “pass on the gift.” I love that the organization helps people in 53 countries, including the United States.

I chose to donate my proceeds from the sale of Spark in 2009 as a way to generate my donation, besides, it makes a catchy catch-phrase, don’t you think?? My goal is to raise $10K. I encourage you to join me in SPARKing an Interest to Make a Difference. Please do so by clicking on the link on the right to purchase SPARK, or donate directly to Heifer on our behalf at www.heifer.org and send us a copy of the thank you card. Not sure about SPARK, visit www.samplespark.com and request a sample (one request per person please).

Heifer International's mission is to help struggling communities end hunger and poverty through the gift of livestock, bees, seeds, farming tools and the know-how to reap a sustainable harvest from them. Heifer offers a wide variety of options, from a $250 water buffalo to $30 honey bees to a $150 llama that can provide wool, milk and meat for an entire South American family. heifer.org

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Heifer Goal: $10K

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