Michelle Evans
Independent Distributor
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March Specials

Buy a Distributor kit
Receive a “Slampler” box

Schedule a Mixer
With 5 guests ~ receive an 8-piece Spark Sampler pack
With 10 guests ~ receive a Slam’n Spark pack

Set-up an *Energize Me! Autoship
Receive a Slam’n Spark pack

Place an Advisor Order
Receive 2 boxes of Slam (Octane Orange and Power Punch)
16-piece Spark Sampler
(Start sampling people before you receive your product)

*Energize Me!: 1 canister of Spark, 1 box of Spark, and 1 ThermoPlus
(You can also add Slam for when you need a quick energy boost, but not required for the special.)

Send me an e-mail to sign-up: michelle@advotime.com

New Products
Slammin' new product: SLAM!
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